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Employer of Choice

Employees at Ball are passionate about their work, the products that Ball produces, and the family-like atmosphere that they enjoy at work.

Ball employees in their own words

Ball employees enjoy the careers they develop at Ball. When people become part of the Ball family they tend to stay. Our attrition rates are very low.

  • Europe 2.4%
  • North America 3.9%
  • Argentina 1.65%
  • Brazil .33%

We invest in our employees and in our facilities. Between 2012-2014 Ball invested more than $1 billion in our manufacturing plants. These investments demonstrate a commitment to our customers and to providing employees the facilities and equipment they need to produce the high quality and innovative packaging products and aerospace systems.

Our locations

Ball has more than 60 locations across the globe including 18 locations in Europe and more than 30 in the United States. We also have plants in South America and throughout Asia. We believe in being close to our customers and feel it’s important to be a strong part of the local community.

Ball has expanded its operations across the globe in the last thirty years; entering China in the mid 1980s, Canada in the late 1980s, South America in the mid 1990s and Europe in 2002 via an acquisition of Schmal-bach-Lubeca AG. Today, Ball has more than 3,400 employees in Europe and approximately 8,400 in the United States, which includes approximately 2,800 in our aerospace business.

Ball culture and values

Over the 135 years of Ball Corporation, our product offerings have changed dramatically. The values of the corporation, that are integral to our success, have remained. Our values include a deep appreciation for technology, innovation, community involvement and sustainable practices — all part of the way we work every day.

Our values are:

  • Uncompromising integrity
  • Being close to our customers
  • Focusing on attention to detail
  • Being innovative
  • Behaving like owners

Each year Ball has a celebration of our culture and values called Who We Are Month. To learn more check out this video from Who We Are Month 2014.